Carpit Launch

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Carpit Launch

By Samuel Khew on 28 January 2018

The 21st of April will be a proud day and a milestone in the timeline of Suria Labs. It’s the day that the Carpit app launched. The co-founders, Qisheng and Qiyao, now the CEO and Managing Director respectively, of the booming app, take the cameras and the press and the questions like seasoned pros. Though, it seems like only yesterday when our team was sitting with Qisheng and Qiyao in a meeting room discussing features, finding solutions, pouring our fifth cup of coffee and utilizing every inch of the whiteboard to scribble down process flows and take notes in our Requirements Engineering Workshop. Only 10 months down the road, Carpit is now home to 230+ workshops, 15+ employees and 1 Leona Chin- we’ll get to her later.


Carpit is an app that aims to end the worries and hassles that come with changing tyres and servicing cars. How do they do this? Users in their busy schedules are able to order tyre changes or checkups from the comfort of their home or office, through the app. Service costs are 100% transparent and payment is cashless. The workshop receives their order and when an agreed date, time and location is decided, the workshop sends someone to pick up the car, bring it to the workshop, perform the service and drop it off again! Orders made through Carpit include insurance for any damage that may occur from pick up until drop off.


Currently Carpit only offers tyre services. However, future plans include servicing of other car parts such as engine, battery and even body & paint. In fact, we are already working on the designs for phase 2. So keep an eye out!


Add a Car


Browse Workshops


Select Service


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Leana Chin : Professional Malaysian drifter and ambassador for Carpit

Remember Leona Chin? If you’re not familiar with the name, she is a professional Malaysian motorsports athlete and professional drifter. She is now also the brand ambassador for Carpit. With all the rubber-burning she does on the track, a girl’s got to maintain her car! Although the pit stop guys do it for her, it’s not because she can’t do it herself! A rose among the thorns and breaking every stereotype about women and cars, Leona embodies what Carpit stands for- car safety and control on the road for everyone.

It has been an incredible 10 months from inception to launch of this app. The blood, sweat and tears of 20+ Sprints, 300+ design hours, 2400+ development hours and God knows how many cups of coffee. But it has all paid off now.

Cheers Carpit!


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