The Way Forward

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The Way Forward

By Amylia Hilda on 10 January 2018

Reflections on a year to remember and what’s ahead

It has been a fascinating year for the Suria Labs team. 2017 marked a milestone achievement for us. We’ve managed to gain MSC status, which gives us the privilege to hire international talent in order for us to boost our current team of highly talented and passionate developers this year. It certainly is an exciting time to be looking forward to.

Although, we are a company that pride ourselves on looking to the future, sometimes a bit of reflection on the past can help put things into perspective.

In hindsight, it has been an immense and progressive journey since our humble beginnings back in 2015 when we started out as a back-end development shop, slowly but steadily making our way to become a full-stack development shop.

We are extremely thankful to our loyal clients who have entrusted their beloved products in our service and we can truly say that we’re proud of our long-term relationship with each and every one of them. In turn, they have enabled us to further enhance our portfolio and our liquidity in the ever-growing market.

We’ve ventured into new territories in the past year, delving into different domains such as gaming, machine learning, big data, IoT, blockchain development and algorithmic engineering. We’ve taken a hands-on approach in these exciting new disciplines with the main objective of expanding our expertise and portfolio.

Obviously, none of these would have been brought to light without the help and hard work of our team of developers and experts. In the past year, our team have doubled in size and no doubt, in talent and expertise as well, making the Suria Labs team the strongest we’ve ever been.  

There really isn’t a more exciting time for us to be looking to the future, and with that we are excited to launch our brand new blog as your one-stop source for the latest news and updates within Suria Labs and within the ever changing, ever progressing community that we are a part of.


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